• Free Workshop Experience

    Every month we select some influencers whom we invite to participate in our workshops for free.

    We consider influencers to be those with more than 10,000 followers and an engagement rate of 5-10% in views, likes and comments. Write to us now to be a FUEGA influencer and we will invite you to the next workshop!

  • $1,900 MXN

    Our cheapest ticket for our premium workshop is priced at $1,900 pesos, and does not include sneakers. Book your workshop and select 'Bring your own item' and the price will be automatically calculated at checkout.

    This means that you must bring your own sneakers to the workshop. We recommend that they be in good condition, so as not to interrupt the flow of the workshop or distract other participants with the guidance of the artists.

    If you do not bring your own sneakers, you can purchase in-store, although we cannot guarantee that they will be available in your size.

  • $3,500 MXN

    This is our price of $3,500 pesos per workshop, which includes the incredible PONY Top Star sneakers in your size. We suggest this ticket, since it is the premium one that includes sneakers, drinks, snacks and guidance from the artists. The PONY sneakers we provide are made of genuine leather, with a smooth surface and are made for customization.

    You can see them here .